The 3 Qualities of a Good Internet Marketer

Internet marketing continues to grow as it has proven time and again that it is a worthy area to invest resources in for businesses and organization.

However, with our infographic today, we will not be discussing why you or your business should seriously look at internet marketing. With this infographic, we look inward to think about three characteristics of a good internet marketer.

This can help businesses looking to hire an in-house internet marketer or outsource internet marketing work.

However, if you (yes, you, the person who is reading this) are an internet marketer by trade, think of it as a checklist with suggestions about what qualities you should hone more in order to become better at your job.

For those who are still unsure what exactly an internet marketer is, the infographic from Forward Solutions Philippines says that they are people who are involved in search engine optimization, paid search, social media management, content marketing and email marketing.

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As for the three qualities of a good internet marketer, the infographic says that they are: Loves reading, Implements, and thinks results.

Why does a good internet marketer need to love to read?

“We need to be on top of the news to be able to create smarter strategies to keep up with search engine updates, social network UI changes, and email redesigns, among others. Reading also inspires blog ideas,” the infographic notes.

If we here at Social Barrel would modify this a bit, we would change it to Loves learning. After all, reading is just one way of learning. One can learn by reading or by watching videos, writing, conversing with other people in their field or just being generally observant of the things happening in the larger field of digital marketing.

Naturally, after learning about things that are important to internet marketing, a good internet marketer needs to Implement.

What is the point of learning if one does not apply these lessons to their projects? What’s the use of buying expensive tools for your car if you’re not going to try and use them to remedy simple problems that don’t need a mechanic to fix?

In the same way, when you invest time and effort to learn lessons in your field, you essentially bought them for yourself. Some say that things one gets through an investment of their time are even more expensive since one cannot get back time spent on something.

“While reading and learning new things is a good idea, effective internet marketers put what they learn into action and are willing to take risks. Get a personal site up and start implementing those techniques,” the infographic says.

After implementing, focus on Results, the infographic reminds us.

“Whether you’ve been running an AdWords campaign or SEO strategy for a week or a year, results should matter not only to the client but also to you. Use traffic analytics software to check on the strategies that work and those that do not,” it says.

This is the point where one evaluates what they have implemented and learns some more, hopefully refining and improving their internet marketing process.

The cycle then goes on ad infinitum.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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