15% Samsung Galaxy Tab Return Rate Began by Apple Fans


liewcf / Flickr / (CC BY-SA)

Reports claim that the previous rumor saying that Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Tab’s return rate was at 15 percent has been dispelled and that a lawsuit might be underway.

Daryl Deino of the LA Gadgets Examiner said that the ‘libelous’ were started by “writers who…are huge Apple fans and that Apple’s marketing team even uses them from time-to-time.”

In an interview with Deino, Paul Mueller, a Los Angeles analyst said, “Samsung has a lawsuit going on here. The information was proven completely false. It is now up to Samsung to find out if ITG (Investment Technology Group) has created this rumor or was tipped off by—should I say it—Apple?”

Return rates are used by the industry to measure customer satisfaction in a product. The higher the return rate, the less overall satisfaction in a product customers have, says experts.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, released last year is seen by many as the current most viable contender to Apple’s market-dominating iPad.

However, Google Android-powered tabs like the Galaxy Tab are yet to attain comparable market share to Apple’s iPad which currently has about 75 percent of the market share for tablets.

Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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